Charlie Daniels Living Room Concert

Recorded in the living room of Gil Colquitt and Linner Vasol in Locust Valley, New York. Charlie Daniels, his guitar, a few our friends, a bunch or equipment, and a bottle of Jack Daniels. I believe 1973 or 4.

Just one song for now...

Bonnie Raitt & Friends - October 7, 1972 - Ultra-Sonic

This weeks broadcast featured critically acclaimed blues musician John P. Hammond, and the young and largely unknown Bonnie Raitt, just 23 at the time, having recently released her first Warner Bros. record album. An additional treat for this show was the appearance of Lowell George, also young, largely unknown, and leader of the band Little Feat, who also had recently released their first LP on Warner Bros. Rounding out the players, was Freebo who continued to play bass guitar for Bonnie for a freakin' long time.